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A man and his wife were doing yard work outside. The wife goes inside to take a shower. The husband was still outside and wanted to rake up the leaves on his front lawn, but he couldn't find the damn rake.

He yells to his wife, who looks out the upstairs bathroom window, "Where's the rake?" Unfortunately she can't hear him. So he decides to point to his eye (meaning I), points to his knee (meaning need), and then makes raking motions. She has no idea what he means and yells, "What?" So he goes through the whole routine again.

She nods, this time, like she understands what he's trying to say and, then, points to her eye, points to her left breast, points to her ass, and points to her crotch. Her husband is totally confused (and somewhat aroused), so he goes into the house, runs up the stairs, and leans his head around the corner. "What did you say?" he asks. She replies, "Eye, left tit, behind, the bush."

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