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A man asks his wife, "What would you most like for your birthday?" She answers, "I'd love to be ten again."

So on the morning of her birthday, he gets her up bright and early and off they go to the local Theme Park.

What a day! He puts her on every ride in the park, the Death Slide, The Screaming Loop, the Wall of Fear...everything there is! Wow!

She staggers out of the Theme Park five hours later, her head reeling and her stomach upside down.

Right into McDonald's they go, and her husband orders a Double Big Mac for her along with extra fries and a refreshing strawberry shake.

Then off to a movie... it's the latest Star Wars epic, and hot dogs, popcorn, Pepsi Cola and M & Ms.

What a fabulous adventure!

Finally she wobbles home with her husband and collapses into bed.

He leans over lovingly and asks, "Well, dear, what was it like being ten again?"

One eye opens and she groans, "Oh God, is that what's going on? I meantdress size!"

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