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A guy walked into a bathroom and started pissing He looked over and saw a really little man taking a piss. The guy looked over at him and said, Hello.

The little man said, Hi, I'm a leprechaun! The guy was amazed. The leprechaun said I like you. I am going to grant you 3 wishes.

The guy was skeptical but he decided to go along with it. The guy said, Okay, I want a big house. The leprechaun said, When you return home, you will have a huge mansion!

The guy said, And then I want a beautiful woman for my own. The leprechaun said, I will give you a woman so wonderful you will never look at anyone else.

The guy didn't know what to wish for 3rd. He looked over and saw the size of this leprechaun's dick. It was huge. He said Okay, my third wish is to have a big dick as big as yours.

The leprechaun said, "I'll give it to you if you let me screw you up the butt.

The guy didn't want to, but he really wanted a big dick.

So the two were tearing it up!

All the sudden the guy yelled out, I can't believe I'm letting a leprechaun screw me up the butt!

Then the leprechaun said, I can't believe you think I am a leprechaun.

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