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One evening, a little boy and his mother visit the local mall to see Santa. The little boy and his mother wait in line until finally it's the boys turn.

The little boy wobbles over to Santa and jumps in his lap. Santa says "well...and who do we have here?" The little boy gives him his name and then replies that he is unsure what he wants for Christmas this year.

Santa gives a jolly laugh and says, "well lets see here..." after a short pause Santa points at the little boys nose and says, "you want a T-R-A-I-N." The little boy says" no, you gave me a train last year." Santa thinks for another moment, points at the little boys nose and says,"you want a C-A-R."

The little boy says,"I'm not old enough to even drive." So as the boy and Santa sit in disagreement, finally the boys speaks up and says,"I'll tell you what...I'll go shopping with my mom and after I think about it I'll come back and tell you what I want."

An hour later the little boy goes back. He hops up into Santa's lap with a grin. Sants says,"well have we decided?" The boy says,"yes I have!" The boy puts his finger on Santas nose and says, "I want P-U-S-S-Y. With a grin the boys says," and don't tell me you don't have any...because I smell it all over your fingers!"

submitted by Desi

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